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True High Altitude Cattle

Located at 7,543 feet above sea level, in the heart of the San Luis Valley our Irish Blacks have a very low risk of developing Brisket Disease (HMD) also known as Dropsy. In addition to the pasture on our home ranch we also have forest permits that allow us to graze our cattle all the way up to nearly 11,000 feet above sea level during the summer. Further conditioning our herd against brisket. These high altitude cattle are ready to work for your ranch at any elevation!

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Purebred & Percentage Blood Irish Blacks

We offer purebred and percentage blood Irish Black seed-stock in order to fit most ranching operations. All of our registered sale cattle are PAP and DNA tested to ensure desirable qualities. Bulls are fertility tested and guaranteed for the first breeding season. 



We value our customers and their time! We are available for our customers to come see our animals and our operation at any time. If finding time to get away is difficult, we are happy to send pictures and videos of any animal(s) that you might be interested in purchasing, along with all test results. We offer free delivery within 250 miles for any animal purchased or free delivery within 500 miles for our returning buyers, and buyers that purchase 2 or more animals. 

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