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Ziegler Ranch

About Us

Ziegler Farm and Ranch is a 4th generation, family owned and operated ranch. There are currently 3 generations working together to make the entire operation successful. 

Harold Ziegler (2nd generation) brought in cattle after having sheep for many years and continues to oversee the cattle area of the operation as well as helping with haying season in the summer time.

Gerald Ziegler (3rd generation) added to the operation by increasing the amount of farm ground on the ranch and also began shipping Alfalfa and Triticale hay to several dairies in New Mexico. 

Cristy McCormick (4th generation) attended Fort Hays State University, and earned her Bachelors degree in Animal Science. After attending college she returned back to the ranch to help manage the cattle side of the operation. 

Aaron Ziegler (4th generation) has been an essential part of the farming side of the operation as he is very knowledgeable in everything from mechanics to harvest. 

After trying various breeds of cattle we decided to introduce Irish Blacks into our operation in 1998, and decided that this was a breed we could stand behind.