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One of the bulls cared for by our angus bull supplier

Irish Black Bull Supplier

Why You'll Love Our Bulls

We have had the unfortunate experience of buying bulls that looked great, but fell apart after we put them to work in our pastures. As a result we NEVER grain-feed any of our bulls. We whole-hardheartedly believe that what you see is exactly what you should get. Our bulls are only given rations of hay and grass, so no matter what time of year prospective buyers view our bulls, they will be in the body condition they were genetically built with. As a result, our buyers are assured that when they take our bulls home, they won't end up with a bull that can't maintain. 

We also monitor our bulls throughout their growth. From birth we keep records on birth-weights, mothers milking ability, utter condition, and disposition. At weaning we get another weight, and make sure that our bulls are maintaining an acceptable  average daily gain. We then pull DNA samples to be sent off to test for coat-color, Horned or polled traits, and we also use genetic information from the tests to score our bulls on multiple traits that we can expect to see in their offspring. 

The traits that we focus on include carcass traits, performance traits, and maternal traits including but not limited to; Birth weight, Calving Ease, Heifer Pregnancy Rates, Milk, ADG, Tenderness, and Marbling. We check scores from DNA tests, against our own information taken on the ground to ensure that we are keeping desirable traits. As a result,  we can also provide specific information for any trait our buyers want to focus on within their own herd. We also run PAP tests, fertility tests, and trich tests. 

We guarantee our bulls for the first breeding season. 

No Slack

Our bulls must pass a rigorous set of standards in order to remain in our Sale group!

The Irish Black Advantage



These bulls are known for large scrotal circumference and can service between 50-75 cows per bull. Even better yet, we've never seen one of our bulls get lazy and go "bachin' it" which is extremely important to us since we run cattle on forest permits in the mountains and there can be a lot of ground to cover. The bulls also have great longevity. Our herd sire is currently 5 years old but still covers cows like a 2 year old. Some producers have used herd sires for 7-8 years. 



The cows are great milk producers and have very strong suspensory ligaments. As a result there are no swing bags. They also have small, easy to grasp teats ideal for calves to latch quickly after getting up and get that first essential dose of colostrum. In addition, the cows have large pelvic areas allowing them to calve with very little to no assistance at all. These cows also have a great mothering ability. When we have a set of twins, we rarely have to worry about getting the mother to take both calves. 



Calves get up quickly and are ambitious to get the first feeding. Afterwards it isn't unusual to see them trying to run around and play. They grow quickly and finish out faster than other breeds despite having light birthweights (75 LBS on average). 



Bulls cover more cows (between 50-75). Bulls and cows alike both have longer stay-ability in the herd. We've had cows breed back and calve out at 15 years of age. 

Irish Black cattle also have twins at a higher rate than average. The average is .5% however our herd averages 6 sets of twins per year. That's a rate of 1.7%!

Heifers also cycle early, and will often have cycled several times before the actual breeding season. 

Calving Ease


The cows have a larger pelvis area, and the calves have a small birthweight (75 LB average) making a perfect combination for fast easy births with little stress on both the calf and the cow. Bulls also show a smooth shoulder that gets passed onto the calves further helping ease of delivery. 

Udder Quality


These cows have strong suspensory ligaments that prevent sagging bags or swing bags and also have small teats that are easy for the calves to latch onto. They also maintain these with age unlike many other breeds of cattle that will see utter quality deteriorate over time. 

The picture above was taken of a 7 year old cow we currently have on the ranch. 



Irish Black producers take pride in the breed being an overall, docile group of cattle. They work easily and quietly which is great for the producers. Calmer cattle have better growth, marbling, and that translates into better ADG!



Every rancher strives for consistency and uniformity in their herd. With the closed, line-breeding started by the herds founder (Maurice Boney) we see uniformity in our cattle. This is extremely beneficial when selling calves, as a good consistent group sells at higher prices. Irish Blacks tend to top feeder calf sales. 



These cattle are great range cattle! They will cover ground and find the best grasses to graze, all while continuing great milk production. The calves wean at a heavier weight and maintain that growth throughout the feedlot. The feed conversions are often less than 5 lbs of feed to 1 lb of gain. This means less input and a better bottom line!

Carcass Quality

Irish Blacks are known for high marbling, high percent yield, Low backfat, large ribeye area, and superior yield grades. When compared to Angus, Black Irish often out grade, and out yield an Angus carcass. 


This breed of cattle has been spread across the US from California, to Montana, Texas, Colorado, Arkansas, and Missouri. These cattle do great in high altitude, cold arid regions, or high humidity and heat. Let us prove how well they can do in your area!


Cows and bulls both have a great longevity in any herd. It's not uncommon for producers to be able to run an 8 year old bull, or a 15 year old cow. Bulls continue to cover a large number of cows at an older age and older cows continue to breed back and raise a calf! This makes for great profitability within your herd!